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Modern Recovery Services provides online mental health counseling in Los Angeles, California. Our therapists, counselors, and psychologists are standing by.

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Mental Health Treatment

There are many benefits to our mental health therapy program. Our goal is to provide lasting skills that enable lifelong recovery. Those who’ve recently completed inpatient or partial hospitalization programs will benefit the most.

Our team of dedicated professionals creates a personalized program for each patient. We carefully make a plan addressing needs like

  • Substance abuse and relapse prevention
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Trauma / PTSD
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Stress management
  • Grief

Mental health issues are more common than people may realize. According to NAMI, one out of five adults experienced mental health issues in 2020. That is 52.9 million people.

No two people have the same strengths or struggles. That is why personalized treatment is the best option for mental health therapy. Modern Recovery Services can help you through a variety of services.

We offer:

Paying For Therapy

Many people are concerned about mental health or addiction recovery treatment costs. Sometimes people avoid asking for help due to the fear of not being able to afford care. Online treatment programs through telehealth are often less expensive than office visits.

Modern Recovery is in-network with many top insurance providers. We can verify your benefits. You can get the recovery care you need with less stress over the price tag.


Lots of people have had excellent experiences getting help through Modern Recovery Services. Here is what a few people have to say:

Lee M.

(five stars)

“I honestly can’t imagine being able to go through my son’s addiction without the care and support of Modern Recovery. They helped my son get sober and stay sober through their regular peer groups and one-on-one sessions.”


(five stars)

“I always had trouble being able to stay sober after I got out of rehab so the last time I went the rehab recommended I use Modern Recovery Services. I signed up and got an amazing recovery coach from them. They got me in with their psychiatrist on their team who worked with my therapist. All together they made the most amazing support group I have ever had. My recovery coach checked in on me 3 times a week every week helping me create a routine that worked for me. She helped me find meetings, she helped me find a job in recovery which was something I always wanted to do. The help they provided helped me get into a position where I could give back. Modern Recovery is a support I would always recommend because it makes a difference. I am now 1 year and 9 months sober. I am grateful for their services and I am still in contact with them today. I know Modern Recovery will be there for me if I ever need them! They are there to help and they want to help! They want to see us succeed!”

Getting Help With Modern Recovery Services in Los Angeles

Many Americans struggle with their mental health from time to time. For some people, it can be an ongoing battle, and they need a higher level of help. Most people can not break free from a substance addiction without professional support. There is no shame in asking for help.

Modern Recovery Services will help you or your loved one figure out what care is needed. Please contact us today to get more information.

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