Online Mental Health Counseling in Oakland, CA

Sacramento, CA

Modern Recovery Services provides online mental health counseling in Sacramento, California. Our therapists, counselors, and psychologists are standing by.

Patients will receive a personalized program that is created just for their needs. Our services include:

  • Help processing traumatic events
  • Meeting with a psychologist
  • Assistance with interpersonal relationships (including conflict resolution)
  • Developing the necessary skills to prevent a relapse
  • Teaching ways for a healthy living
  • Having accountability
  • Providing a structured plan
  • Setting up a personal recovery coach (with 24/7 availability)
  • Giving therapy options in individual and group settings
  • Offering a cost-effective program

Verifying Insurance

The benefits of a healthy state of mind far outweigh the financial costs it can take to get there.

Insurance companies are recognizing the importance of including mental healthcare in individual plans. Coverage may be offered at little to no out-of-pocket cost.

Modern Recovery Services helps verify our status with your provider. When it’s time, we can assist you in the process. Our professionals can guide you through the ins and outs of insurance.

The Conditions We Treat

At Modern Recovery Services, behavioral health is our principal focus. We help people who are dealing with addictions and mental health conditions.

Our programs will greatly benefit patients who desire to change, heal, and grow.

  • Mental Health Conditions: Depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, and more.
  • Substance Abuse: Virtual rehab can help you recover from substance abuse. Accountability and the creation of new habits are crucial to healing from addiction. Being surrounded by your own familiar space can bring comfort as you recover.
  • Dual Diagnosis: A patient with a mental health disorder and substance abuse has a dual diagnosis.

Mental Health Treatment in Sacramento

Modern Recovery Services provides treatment for patients with addictions and mental health disorders.

Our services include:

  • Therapy (including group and individual sessions)
  • Personalized Coaching (with individual recovery plans)
  • Help in Creating Goals (including plans for aftercare and extended care)
  • Family Therapy Sessions
  • Prescription Medication Management
  • Help with Psychiatric Health
  • Assistance in Furthering Education
  • Job Skills Training
  • Long and Short-term Management of Goals

Hear What Others Nearby Have to Say

Modern Recovery Services’ founder Michele Murphy shares her own story freely. Understanding her practices for maintaining recovery can be encouraging in your progress.

Feedback like these recent reviews can help ease anxiety and answer questions:


Five stars

“After completing my mentorship program with Lena, 25 years of “counseling” finally made sense. For me, the difference was being able to talk WITH someone on the same level instead of TO someone. Lena shared her relevant experience without telling me what to do. She modeled the healthy behaviors I was learning in a way I could understand; it was the real-life examples and live demonstration I needed for so long. The concepts took on a new meaning, allowing me to discover and practice living in the SOLUTION instead of focusing on the problems. I am learning to live life on life‘s terms, one day at a time. Thank you, Lena, for helping me realize I didn’t have to do it alone, but I had to do it for myself. No one else could do it for me. You showed me the way and taught me the tools of recovery to have faith in myself.”


Five stars

“Modern Recovery paired me up with a recovery coach that understood my background and interests, and I developed a great relationship with them while moving forward in early recovery. Modern was very helpful and supplied all the tools I needed to transition back into day-to-day life.”

Modern Recovery Services

People struggling with substance abuse and mental health conditions deserve a fulfilled life. Sometimes it’s necessary to have support in the journey to a healthier life.

We understand how challenging taking the next phase of your healing may seem.

  • Are you feeling concerned and filled with questions about the unknown?
  • Do you wonder, ‘what program options are around me in Sacramento, CA?’
  • Would you benefit from an at-home, structured treatment program?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Modern Recovery Services is here to help.

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