Online Intensive Outpatient Program in Austin, TX

If you suffer from addiction and/or a mental health condition, Modern Recovery Services has the best online intensive outpatient programs (IOP). We are based in Illinois, but we work with people in the Austin area.

If you have recently completed an inpatient program or a partial hospitalization program (PHP), our online IOP is an excellent option for your next step. This is a great way to receive extra support on your journey to long-term recovery.


Intensive Outpatient Programs

The intensive outpatient program near you is beneficial in many ways. Many people have been able to maintain their sobriety by going through our program. This is a big relief for those who have completed inpatient programs.

Everyone’s needs are different. Because of this, you can expect an individualized program. This can be for anyone who:

  • Has interpersonal challenges and wants to address them. Examples include problems with communication or conflict resolution.
  • Needs more structure
  • Wants help from a personal recovery coach. This assistance is available 24/7.
  • Has experienced trauma
  • Needs accountability
  • Wants a program that is lower cost (compared to inpatient programs)
  • Has conditions that affect their mental health
  • Can benefit from individual and group therapy
  • Wants to learn a healthier lifestyle
  • Needs help learning the skills to keep from relapsing

Conditions Treated

Modern Recovery Services near you offers treatment for many different conditions. This includes addiction, mental health conditions, and behavioral conditions. We serve adults and adolescents.

If you have a true desire to change, our online IOP can help you begin the healing process. We treat the following:

  • Substance abuse and relapse prevention
  • Relationship problems
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Trauma / PTSD
  • Grief
  • Eating disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Sex and Love Addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Stress management
  • Sleep issues
  • Gender identity
  • Sexuality
  • Borderline Personality
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Behavioral processing disorders
  • Dual Diagnosis: Oftentimes, someone who struggles with a substance use disorder also has a mental health disorder. This is a dual diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder. Our online IOP provides an excellent treatment for both disorders.

Online IOP Treatment in Your Area

Modern Recovery Services has multiple options for anyone who struggles with addictions and/or mental health disorders. Those services include:

  • Individual coaching – designed to meet the needs of the person
  • One-on-one therapy sessions
  • Group therapy – this helps with verbal processing
  • Help plan for the future – this includes aftercare and extended care
  • Help with managing medications
  • Help with educational needs
  • Family therapy time
  • Professional psychiatric consultations
  • Help with training for jobs
  • Education with goal-management – short and long term

Check Out What Others Nearby Say About Our Program

Many times, you can get a better idea of a program based on hearing how someone else has done with it. Our company founder, Michele Murphy, has her own recovery story to tell you. You can get a lot of questions answered by reading testimonials from others.

The following are some reviews for Modern Recovery Services:

Chelsea J.

(5 Stars)

“So happy I ended up going with Modern Recovery! Very impressed with their virtual treatment program!”


(5 Stars)

“After completing my mentorship program with Lena, 25 years of “counseling” finally made sense. For me, the difference was being able to talk WITH someone on the same level, instead of TO someone. Lena shared her relevant experience without telling me what to do, she modeled the healthy behaviors I was learning in a way I could understand; it was the real-life examples and live demonstration that I needed for so long. The concepts took on a new meaning; allowing me to discover and practice living in the SOLUTION, instead of focusing on the problems. I am learning how to live life, on life‘s terms, one day at a time. Thank you Modern Recovery, for helping me realize I didn’t have to do it alone, but I had to do it for myself. No one else could do it for me. Modern showed me the way and taught me the tools of recovery to have faith in myself.”

Joe D.

(5 Stars)

“Swift, efficient admission. Quality sessions. Flexible offerings. I recommend Modern Recovery. Our daughter needed a transitional program as she exited inpatient services. The online offerings that Modern Recovery offered were perfect. Her mom and I benefited from the parent group, and we appreciated the team approach that wrapped around our family. Finding mental health care services can really be tough nowadays. We were fortunate to have discovered Modern. Best to all.”


(5 Stars)

“When I came to Modern, I was scared, broken, and felt like the walls were closing in on me. My drug addiction was winning, I thought there was no hope for me. However, Modern immediately got me signed up with one of their recovery coaches. I will admit I was skeptical at first, but little did I know it would change my life. I was able to lean on this recovery coach for guidance and assistance with not just my drug addiction but many other areas in my life. I then started group therapy and individual therapy. Today because of Modern’s help and support I have 10 months clean and sober! I have so many things in my life today that I’m grateful for. If you are ready for a new life, let Modern help you, it changed mine, and I know it can change yours too!”

Paying for Treatment

Many times, the cost of treatment can be what keeps someone from seeking the help they need. While IOPs can be costly, our online IOP costs less than an inpatient program.

The good news is that your insurance is a big portion of the cost – even up to 100%! We are in-network with many insurance providers. If you want to find out about your insurance, fill out the insurance verification form.

Modern Recovery Services

Recovery from addiction and mental health disorders can be difficult. It takes time and there are hard things you’ll have to face to get to the next step. It can feel so overwhelming.

But, you can do it. And Modern Recovery Services is here to help.

There is hope for your future. We are the top IOP in the Austin area and we are trained to help with your addiction or mental health condition. If you have any questions about our services or want to get started with us, please contact us today!

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