Online Intensive Outpatient Program in Houston, TX

Modern Recovery Services is among Houston’s best online IOPs (Intensive Outpatient Programs). Our top-rated treatment is for those with addictions and mental health conditions.

Have you recently completed an inpatient program? Or has someone you know finished a partial hospitalization program (PHP)? Our online IOP is an excellent option for providing support that encourages recovery.


Who Benefits from Intensive Outpatient Programs?

In Houston, TX, we offer an intensive outpatient program. Our treatment plan includes many beneficial services.

Our IOP helps many in your area as they work to continue in their long-term recovery. Having help nearby relieves those who’ve completed inpatient or partial hospitalizations.

Individually designed programs reassure each patient that we uniquely address their needs. Our programs help those who are:

  • Trauma survivors
  • In need of psychological assistance
  • Struggling with relationship problems, such as an inability to communicate effectively
  • Avoiding relapses
  • Living a healthier life
  • Looking for an accountability system
  • Responsive to structured settings
  • In need of a personal recovery coach (available 24 hours a day, seven days per week)
  • Open to the benefits found in therapy (including individual and group sessions)
  • Searching for cost-effective treatment

Treatment Cost and Insurance Verification

The cost associated with receiving the very best IOP treatment can seem daunting. Many insurance companies realize the benefits of mental health. Providers will offer coverage involving minor to no cost apart from your plan.

We can help you navigate the insurance dos and don’ts. Modern Recovery Services can assist in verifying our in-network status with your provider.

What Conditions Do We Treat?

Modern Recovery Services in Houston helps our patients with their behavioral health. Our online IOP is the best starting point for anyone with a sincere desire to change, heal, and grow.

Our services help patients overcome drug and alcohol addictions and mental health disorders. We assist those with dual diagnoses and work with our patients as they address:

  • Addiction: Anyone with a substance abuse struggle can find online rehab beneficial. Whether you are dealing with an addiction to alcohol or other drugs, we can help. Our program provides accountability and a sense of structure that encourages new habits. Choosing an online IOP allows you to receive care in your home rather than in a treatment facility.
  • Mental Health: If you or someone you know is diagnosed with a mental health disorder, our online IOP is a great option. Modern Recovery Services can meet your needs. Our knowledgeable staff provides treatment for any mental illness, including depression and PTSD.
  • Dual Diagnosis: Our online IOP provides the best treatment options for patients with dual diagnoses. Dual Diagnosis is having an addiction and a diagnosed mental health condition. Our IOP allows each person to stay where they are comfortable while healing.

Online IOP Treatment

We provide services for those with mental health disorders and addictions to substances.

Our services include:

  • Therapy (sessions held in groups and 1-to-1)
  • Personalized Coaching (designed individually to promote recovery)
  • Help Planning for Future Care (this includes extended and aftercare)
  • Family Therapy
  • Prescription Medication Management
  • Consultations with Psychiatrists
  • Direction for Furthering Education
  • Job Training (including learning professional coping skills)
  • Teaching the Best Ways to Manage Immediate and Lifelong Goals

Treatment Locations

Because our IOP is online, it is available anywhere in the world. That means that adults and adolescents in Houston can easily access our program.

Patients find our online treatment program appealing. Many find comfort in the flexibility that comes with our IOP. Individualized schedules for time and place can create the best therapy experience.

We provide virtual rehabilitation for people worldwide. We are proud to serve communities in and nearby Houston.

What Do Others Nearby Say About Us

Asking questions can relieve anxieties about rehab. Hearing what others have said about their experiences with IOP can be helpful.

One example is the story of the founder of Modern Recovery Services, Michele Murphy. Hearing which best practices changed her life for the better can be inspirational.

Also, reading reviews about us can help too. Here are a couple of examples:

Joe D

Five stars

“Swift, efficient admission. Quality sessions. Flexible offerings. I recommend Modern Recovery. Our daughter needed a transitional program as she exited inpatient services. The online offerings that Modern Recovery offered were perfect. Her mom and I benefited from the parent group, and we appreciated the team approach that wrapped around our family. Finding mental health care services can be tough nowadays. We were fortunate to have discovered Modern. Best to all.”

Lee McIlroy

5 Stars

“I honestly can’t imagine being able to go through my son’s addiction without the care and support of Modern Recovery. They helped my son get sober and stay sober through their regular peer groups and one-on-one sessions. It kept him focused on recovery and healthy behaviors, rather than using drugs as a crutch to struggle and cope with teenage life. Just as vital to his recovery is the support for families. As a single father, the parent support group was a life-saver. I learned so much as a father to better understand and support my son through his recovery. In the process, I also learned so much about myself that made me able to support, grow and understand my son’s addiction and my role in it, and in his recovery as well. It helped me grow to understand addiction and support recovery from a place of love despite the pain, hurt, and fear that is common among parents. Modern Recovery is available when anyone in the family needs them for substantive help, care, and support. And for that, I am forever grateful to them. Thank You!”

Modern Recovery Services

As you continue your recovery journey, you may find the process challenging. You may even be asking, ‘what treatment options are around me?’.

Finding the best IOP in Houston may have you feeling overwhelmed.

Modern Recovery Services is ready to help. We are in your area with our top-rated services. Our online intensive outpatient program could be just the answer you are seeking.

There is hope for everyone in recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. Contact us today to take the next step in your healing.

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