Online Intensive Outpatient Program in San Antonio, TX

Modern Recovery Services is one of San Antonio’s best online IOPs (Intensive Outpatient Programs). Our services are for those who’ve completed an inpatient or a partial hospitalization program (PHP).

Our online IOP is a top-rated opportunity. We are here for anyone with addictions and mental health conditions. The treatment we provide offers support to people in recovery.


Who Benefits from Intensive Outpatient Programs?

Our online intensive outpatient program in San Antonio, TX, has many benefits. Our team of professionals develops a plan that includes varying services.

Having help nearby is a relief for those in recovery. Our online IOP can help patients in your area. We focus in particular on those who’ve completed inpatient or partial hospitalizations.

Patients can know that we will design treatment programs to address their needs. Our services help individuals in many areas, including:

  • Surviving trauma
  • Needing psychological services
  • Relationship challenges, like conflict resolution
  • How to avoid relapses
  • Creating a healthy lifestyle
  • Being accountable for your choices
  • The benefits of structured time
  • Having a personal recovery coach (with 24/7 availability)
  • Group therapy
  • One-on-one therapy
  • Navigating the most cost-effective treatment

Insurance Verification

Paying for the very best IOP treatment can be challenging for any budget. Today’s insurance companies recognize how maintaining a healthy mental state benefits society. Many providers provide clients’ coverage with very little out-of-pocket expense.

Modern Recovery Services helps to verify insurance status with your provider. We can steer you through the insurance aspect of recovery.

Conditions We Treat

We are dedicated to helping our San Antonio patients with their behavioral health. People who want treatment turn to Modern Recovery Services.

Our online IOP assists those wanting to change their habits. We help them heal from their past and grow into a healthy future.

Patients with a desire to change can overcome drug and alcohol addictions. They can find hope in treating any mental health disorders. Our program has services for patients with dual diagnoses.

Areas of conditions we treat include:

  • Addiction: People struggling with substance abuse may benefit from an online IOP. Addiction to alcohol or other drugs is not unfixable. Being accountable and having structured scheduling can create new ways of living. Our online IOP teaches you the skills you need, all in the comfort of your home.
  • Mental Health: Those diagnosed with a mental health disorder find our online IOP beneficial. Modern Recovery Services is dedicated to helping our patients maintain positive mental health. The treatment we provide for your condition can lead to lifelong mental health.
  • Dual Diagnosis: Choosing an online IOP if you have dual diagnoses is a great idea. Dual Diagnosis means you have an addiction and a diagnosed mental health disorder. Our program allows at-home comfort while receiving the necessary care.

Online IOP Treatment

Our online program can be structured for individuals. Each patient then receives the right services for their mental illness and addictions.

Our services include:

  • Group and Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Individualized Coaching (for specific recovery promotion)
  • Future Care Planning (including extended care and aftercare)
  • Therapy for the Family
  • Managing Prescription Medicines
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Assistance in Furthering Education
  • Training in Relevant Job Skills
  • Managing Life Goals

Locations for Treatment

Our online IOP is available all over the world. Adults and adolescents can access our services wherever they are in Houston.

The appeal of our online program is the flexibility of time and schedule. Individuals can schedule therapy treatment for whatever time is best for them.

Anyone can access virtual rehab. We proudly serve patients in and nearby San Antonio.

What Do Others Nearby Say About Us

Knowing answers to questions about our rehab program helps reduce anxiety. Patients who’ve experienced our online IOP offer insight into what you can expect.

One example of how inspiring another’s experience can be is Michele Murphy. Modern Recovery Services’ founder gives her story of changing her life for the better. Our company’s best practices were formed from her experiences.

Patients who’ve been through our program write reviews that can give a clear picture of who we are. Here are examples:


5 Stars

After completing my mentorship program with Lena, 25 years of “counseling” finally made sense. For me, the difference was being able to talk WITH someone on the same level, instead of TO someone. Lena shared her relevant experience without telling me what to do, she modeled the healthy behaviors I was learning in a way I could understand; it was the real-life examples and live demonstration that I needed for so long. The concepts took on a new meaning; allowing me to discover and practice living in the SOLUTION, instead of focusing on the problems. I am learning how to live life, on life‘s terms, one day at a time. Thank you Modern Recovery, for helping me realize I didn’t have to do it alone, but I had to do it for myself. No one else could do it for me. Modern showed me the way and taught me the tools of recovery to have faith in myself.”


5 Stars

“Modern Recovery paired me up with a recovery coach that understood my background and interests, and I developed a great relationship with them while moving forward in early recovery. Modern was very helpful and supplied all the tools I needed to transition back into day-to-day life.”

Modern Recovery Services

Throughout your recovery, there may be aspects that leave you feeling overwhelmed. We understand if you’re asking questions like, ‘what treatment options are around me?’.

Locating the best online IOP in San Antonio can help you move forward.

Modern Recovery Services is prepared to help you do just that. Our top-rated services are available in your area. We could be what you need.

Many who are recovering from addiction and mental health disorders feel hopeless. We are here to say there is hope. Contact us today and continue the journey of healing.

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