Often, the trickiest part about recovery is integrating back into your life after your addiction, and mental health treatment ends.  You transition from an environment of 24/7 monitoring and support back into the same environment that promoted your old self-destructive thoughts and habits in the first place.  How can you navigate this situation without slipping up?

Continued support during this time is essential.  Modern Recovery offers the critically important help after treatment that our clients need to leave inpatient treatment behind and avoid relapses as they integrate back into their home lives.

Your Coach, Your Advocate, Your Emotional Support

We know that clients sometimes need lots of help making the switch from treatment to daily life at home.  Modern Recovery coaches help with that transition by arranging sober, safe transportation, and even helping to eliminate relapse triggers in the house.

Beyond the logistical aspects of coming back home, your coach can also function as your advocate and a source of emotional support.  In treatment, daily therapy sessions provided constant support and reassurance from therapists and peers. After you leave treatment and return home, your therapy sessions may taper off to just a few meetings per week.  Your coach can bridge that gap when you need someone to rely on for motivation and accountability.

Technology-Driven Support, At Your Fingertips

With the Modern Recovery app, you never have to worry about being left on your own without help.  Clients have constant access to their coach and their full support network of doctors, therapists, and family members.

Mood check-ins and frequent progress reports provide early-warning systems that detect when you are having trouble, often before you realize it yourself.

With location tracking, your coach will also be able to make sure you have checked into your therapy sessions or recovery meetings.  He or she will help you stay accountable and motivated to remain on track over the long haul.

The programs and features our app provides are continuously updated based on the most successful recovery protocols from addiction experts.  You will always have the latest and most effective strategies for long-term success available in your pocket whenever you need them.

Why You or Your Loved One Needs Ongoing Support

The statistics for relapses after rehab and mental health treatment are frightening.  AmericanAddictionCenters.org cites a long-term success rate of only 30% for people who complete addiction treatment.  Worse, the National Institutes of Health report that mental health issues have a truly staggering rate of relapse after treatment and that relapse rates do not necessarily correlate with a patient’s socioeconomic background.

For example, an Ethiopian study found comparable relapse rates to the United States and other western countries, estimating that up to 90% of patients treated for bipolar disorder will eventually have a relapse regardless of their country of residence.  Similarly, the United Kingdom’s NHS reports for all recovered mental health patients indicate a 53% rate of relapse within a single year.  Of those relapses, 79% happened within the first six months after the patient completed treatment.

The need for ongoing help and support after treatment is crucial.

By taking advantage of the opportunity to extend your treatment period beyond your transition home, you are maximizing your chances of long-term success.  The combination of coaching and technology support is a proven method for keeping clients on track far beyond their discharge dates.

How Can You Get Started?

If you or a loved one is finished or almost finished with substance abuse or mental health treatment, don’t take chances with long-term recovery.  Get the help you need to integrate back home successfully and avoid relapses by calling Modern Recovery today.