Sara Ong

Staff Bio

Recovery Coach

Sara Ong is a recovery coach and case manager at Modern Recovery Services. She feels honored to connect with those who feel lost because she’s been there! Having worked in the behavioral health field since 2018, Sara knows firsthand how important it is to receive support through life challenges. She’s here to both advocate for clients and help them hold themselves accountable for reaching their goals. She believes in helping others help themselves through empowerment and encouragement.

Sara knows that recovery isn’t about feeling happy 100% of the time; It’s about learning coping skills to manage our thoughts and emotions. To achieve change, we must first learn to be kind to ourselves, giving ourselves lots of grace on our healing journey. Reaching out can be hard, but if you’ve taken that first step or are thinking about taking it, Sara is proud of you. She believes nobody can fully heal alone!

In her free time, Sara enjoys taking care of her animals: two dogs, a bearded dragon, a turtle, a crested gecko, and several frogs and fish (oh my!). She also enjoys singing and spending time with her husband and young son.

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