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Support services are included 

As part of every program at Modern Recovery, you’ll have access to all of our clinical and support services at no extra cost.

Recovery Coaching

Our certified recovery coaches are trained to provide support, encouragement, and guidance – but this is vastly different from enabling someone struggling with an eating disorder, mental health crisis, or addiction. In addition to the support our coaches provide, they also create and monitor accountability for each individual they are working with.

They provide support with life skills, goal setting, emotions, and essentially work as a personal trainer for your recovery. They are also trained in crisis intervention and will advocate for you to ensure you receive the best care possible in all of your needs.

Mental help relapse prevention

The Modern Recovery Services approach is different from other programs as we work with a team to be proactive instead of reactive. Instead of waiting for relapse to occur and then putting a plan in place to correct, our professionals work with the individual to create a support team and accountability. Our methods will ask for verification as a component of accountability in order to identify potential for relapse and put a plan in place to prevent relapse before it happens.


We Accept Insurance

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Not every person who enters into a treatment protocol for addiction, eating disorders, or mental health requires a formal intervention, but there are times when this is necessary. The intervention specialist is responsible for moderating the intervention and keeping the environment and conversation safe, calm, and productive. Modern Recovery intervention specialists are trained to tailor the intervention to best address each situation.

Teen Group Therapy

Group therapy plays a crucial role in adolescent mental health treatment by offering a supportive environment where teenagers can share experiences, feelings, and challenges with peers facing similar issues. This form of therapy helps adolescents realize they are not alone in their struggles, which can significantly reduce feelings of isolation and stigma associated with mental health problems. By facilitating open communication, mutual support, and understanding within a structured setting, group therapy encourages the development of social skills, empathy, and resilience.


Strengthening Bonds in Recovery

At Modern Recovery, we understand that addiction and mental health challenges not only impact the individual seeking help but also their loved ones. We believe that family involvement is a vital component of our online mental health and addiction programs. We actively encourage spouses, children, and parents to be part of the client’s recovery process and prioritize their own self-care throughout this journey.

Our comprehensive approach includes family sessions, individual sessions with family members, dedicated family-only groups, and more. We recognize that the difficulties faced by our clients extend to their families as well. That’s why we provide a safe and supportive space where family members can freely express their emotions, share their experiences, and discuss the challenges they are going through. By fostering an inclusive environment, we believe that the involvement of the entire family contributes significantly to the overall success of each client’s recovery.

Alumni Reviews

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4.8 – Based on 49 Reviews


After completing my mentorship program with Lena, 25 years of “counseling” finally made sense. For me, the difference was being able to talk with someone on the same level, instead of to someone.



“Modern Recovery paired me up with a recovery coach that understood my background and interests, and I developed a great relationship with them while moving forward in early recovery. Modern was very helpful and supplied all the tools I needed to transition back into day-to-day life.”



I am grateful for their services and I am still in contact with them today. I know modern recovery will be there for me if I ever need them! They are there to help and they want to help! They want to see us succeed!”


Monitoring Services

Our clients are given a certified recovery coach to monitor and support them during the recovery process. Our model is based on “trust but verify.” This means that while mutual respect is important, our coaches may ask for verification from the client for accountability and to ensure safety. Modern Recovery Services monitoring is designed for proactivity instead of reactivity.

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Safe Passage

When a person is ready for treatment, they often need to travel. Because of this, Modern Recovery offers transport services. Whether the client is coming from home, jail, or detox, Safe Passage attendants will handle the process of traveling, handling cash and monetary transactions, and keeping the client safe and supported during the transition of crisis to treatment and recovery. Safe Passage Transport provides an extra layer of support during a time when emotions are high, and the future is uncertain. Click here for more info on safe passage services.

Virtual programs for Adults & Teens

Our telehealth programs have proven to be as effective as traditional in-person treatment.

We offer specialized treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, trauma, mood disorders, anger management, drug & alcohol addiction, and more…


Virtual IOP For Adults

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Online Teen Therapy

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We had the fortunate experience with Modern Recovery that we can’t express the gratitude in words. Our son needed a different kind of support and had tried the various live in session therapies. Modern recovery was a method that spoke to us and our son and we are thankful that it has worked so well for us. They were always available for questions and willing to work with us in our unique situations. Highly recommend if you are in need of this type of therapy.



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4 Months Ago

Child Psychologists & Psychiatrists

Modern Recovery offers specialized services for adolescents through our team of experienced child psychologists and psychiatrists. They specialize in understanding the behavior and mental processes of children and use their knowledge to help them and their families understand and cope with developmental disorders, learning difficulties, and emotional problems. We utilize a variety of techniques including observation, assessment, and therapy to help children and their families.