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Intervention planning online

Staging an intervention isn’t easy. Helping a loved one struggling with addiction, mental health, or eating disorders is a challenging and emotionally charged experience. It can be difficult to show your support without pushing them away or making them feel attacked.

We can help you create an intervention strategy with the best chance of success. The plan will detail location, participants, and conversation to promote a supportive, healthy, and loving environment. We’ll provide coaching, logistics, and the difficult parts, so you can focus on what’s important: your loved one.

We provide everything you need for success

  • Full analysis & understanding of your situation
  • Assessments of any previous clinical diagnoses and recommendations
  • A unique intervention plan formed from proven methods
  • Professional coaching so you feel confident going into the intervention
  • An intervention rehearsal with emotional guidance to help you through sensitive topics
  • Logistical help with arranging a treatment facility and care plan
  • Coordination with the treatment facility to ensure a seamless transition (whether residential or online treatment is indicated)
  • A guided intervention under the supervision of our experts
  • Transportation to the addiction treatment or mental health care facility
  • Follow-up care including further coaching for family members

Lena Moses

Director of Case Management

We’re with you from planning to treatment

Done correctly, an intervention lets your loved one know that he or she has someone who will be there to provide help, love, and support moving forward.

While we cannot guarantee your loved one will seek treatment as a result of the intervention, we can promise that you will have the highest chance of success by working with our experienced team.

We’ll be with you throughout and after the intervention process. We offer online mental health and addiction treatment for adults and teens.