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Michele Canale

Chief Executive Officer

Michele is the Executive Director and part of the leadership team for Modern Recovery. Michele founded Modern Recovery to help support people long term in the recovery process. She has worked in treatment for over 17 years in many different capacities. Michele was born and raised on Long Island in New York. Michele’s own drug addiction and alcoholism has inspired her to help others. She ended up in treatment herself at the age of 18.

Michele surrendered immediately and started her own journey of recovery. She has been sober and active in recovery since January 24, 2000. After a few years of recovery, Michele pursued her degree in Counseling. Michele specialized in adolescents and young adults for 5 years. She also graduated from NAU and received her degree in Elementary Education. Michele taught 1st grade for 10 years but always missed helping others achieve long term recovery.

Michele left public education to enter back into the mental health and substance abuse treatment world. She saw a need for long term remote on call support for post discharge from a facility. Michele began Modern Recovery using a coaching model and has since grown it to what it is today; a full long term post discharge personalized program that includes: coaching, individual therapy, group work, and family support.

In her free time Michele enjoys spending time with her daughter, her husband, and their 3 dogs. She also loves yoga, hiking, and traveling. Michele loves being active and sharing the things that bring her joy and create positive mental health with others.


Laura Nuss

Chief Financial Officer

Laura is part of the leadership team at Modern Recovery where she oversees the operations and finance departments. Laura has a passion for empowering others and ensuring that all levels of operations run as smoothly as possible. Laura brings almost a decade of experience in the drug and alcohol treatment industry to the organization.

She has a strong working knowledge of the unique components that it takes to run a successful treatment center including, Joint Commission, policies and procedures, and Insurance billing. Originally from Connecticut, Laura moved to Arizona when she was 20 to pursue her own journey of Recovery. In her free time, Laura likes to spend as much time outdoors as possible. She also has a passion for fitness, music, and cats.


Steve Laats

Chief Operating Officer

Steve is the COO at Modern Recovery. He oversees all the different aspects of the marketing efforts and is heavily involved in the efficiencies and quality control of the business.

Steve has been in recovery for over 20 years. His own experiences in recovery have driven him to work in the treatment industry and to ultimately help the still-suffering addict.

Steve enjoys traveling with his wife to new destinations, along with keeping physically active with their dogs.


Robert Castan

Chief Marketing Officer

Robert Castan is a member of the Executive Leadership Team at Modern Recovery. Robert started his professional career as a house manager and has become an industry leader and trusted voice in the treatment world. He brings extensive knowledge of organizational growth, industry-leading outcomes, and comprehensive marketing to Modern Recovery. Robert has been walking his own path of recovery for over 10 years. This path has truly driven his ambition to help make treatment available to others who are struggling with addiction. Robert finds great joy in traveling and keeping physically active, with an emphasis on biking. Robert resides in Arizona with his husband and two four-legged children. Articles Written: The U.S. Alcohol Crisis, Still Deadlier Than the Opioid Epidemic Zombies and Other Future Threats to the Health of American Youth Dire Mental Health: A Catalyst for Post-Pandemic Drug Addiction The Benefits of Rehab Center Staff Working Their Own Recovery Opinion: The Opioid Crisis + COVID-19 = The Perfect Storm Robert Castan on Successful Addiction Treatment and Entrepreneurship Castan: The road less traveled of addiction & recovery in Scottsdale Opioids & COVID Driving Phoenix’s Rising Fatal Drug Overdoses Opinion: The Opioid Crisis + COVID-19 = The Perfect Storm Successful Addiction Treatment Programs & Entrepreneurship


Shawna Chandler

Chief Clinical Officer

Originally from Wyoming, Shawna Chandler, MSW, LCSW, serves as the Clinical Director for Modern Recovery Services, offering our team and clients 25 years of experience working within the addiction and mental health industry as well as 12 years of leadership experience. Shawna completed her master’s degree at Florida State University and began specializing in clinical social work. Having realized her passion for addiction and mental illnesses early on, Shawna began her journey providing clinical service to a diverse variety of populations in rural communities and residential treatment centers.

Shawna is dedicated to providing high-quality care to meet the unique needs of clients and their families. With extensive training in trauma, EMDR, dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, family-focused therapy, mindfulness, internal family system therapy, and leadership, Shawna provides Modern Recovery Services’ clinical team with intuitive, expert training and supervision.

In addition to her professional experience and training, Shawna utilizes her personal experience of family addiction and trauma in working with professionals, clients and families. Using compassionate understanding and acceptance, she is able to help clients and families heal from addiction and become whole again.


Joe Canale

Executive Director

Joe Canale is the Executive Director who works to provide leadership to Modern Recovery Services and cultivate team-oriented systems and processes. Joe protects the overall vision of the founders to provide individualized mental health and substance misuse disorder treatment and foster a community that supports recovery from addiction, trauma, and mental health issues.

Joe believes the work Modern does in pre/post-discharge guidance in treatment options helps clients during the most vulnerable times in the recovery process. Joe is Peer Support Trained, DBT trained. Joe holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Ohio Wesleyan University. Joe has 3 dogs and loves being outdoors with a passion for hiking/mountaineering.



Chandra Dorsett

Clinical Lead

Chandra Dorsett is the Clinical Lead for Modern Recovery Services. Chandra oversees the virtual Adolescent and Adult IOP programs as well as the in-person Adolescent PHP program.

Chandra has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University. She is a Licensed Associate Counselor in the state of Arizona. She has worked in the community mental health system as a supervisor for peer and family support programs as well as a primary therapist for Modern Recovery Services.

Chandra is a doting grandmother, a movie-buff and an explorer of the outdoors.


Diana Rodriguez

Therapist and Group Facilitator

Hi! My name is Diana Rodriguez. I have my Masters Degree in professional counseling. I currently have my LAC (licensed associate counselor) and working on my LPC (licensed professional counselor). I have experience working with children, adolescents, families and adults. I have worked in a psychiatric hospital, outpatient clinic and now Modern. I complete individual sessions for the teens and adults at Modern.

I am married and have a newborn baby. I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, and eating. I tend to be pretty shy but I also consider myself outgoing and friendly. I am very flexible and I love my job!”


Matt Nofi

Group Facilitator

Hi! I am Matt Nofi. I am one of the adolescent group facilitators for Modern Recovery. I live in Gilbert Arizona with my Wife and our dog! I love getting to work with teens and help them find their path to recovery. As someone who is in long term recovery from substance abuse and someone who has struggled with depression I have a deep appreciation for what the teens are going through.

Teens desire to act like and be treated like adults so I try to treat them like first class citizens and respect their autonomy. There is no greater pain for a family when their child is struggling to survive. That being said I applaud families who participate in the recovery process, as mine did when I was getting sober at 18.

Today I am a husband, a son, an employee and a student and try to be the best I can be in all those arenas, living my life as an example that recovery is possible! I look forward to meeting you and welcome to Modern Recovery!


Julie Kwiatkowski

Lead Recovery Coach

Julie, born and raised in Arizona, serves as one of our Case Managers/Recovery Coaches at Modern Recovery. Julie brings her own personal experience of recovery into her role working directly with adults and adolescents who struggle with addiction and mental health. Julie focuses her energy on helping others in their recovery by offering guidance, encouragement and support to her clients and their families.

Julie has over 3 years working in behavioral health and is Certified as a peer support specialist. Julie has experience working as a behavioral health specialist in hospitals, medical detox centers and working in residential treatment as a bhs lead and case manager. Julie continues to expand her knowledge in behavioral health by training in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). Julie brings compassion and empathy into her role and is dedicated to helping her clients continue their recovery and achieve their goals.


Mike Rudisill

Recovery Coach

Mike Rudisill is a Case Manager for Modern Recovery Services, who is also in Recovery from substance use disorder along with other disorders. Mike is originally from Ogden UT and moved to Wyoming to go to Nursing School. He began working at a residential treatment center during nursing school and found his passion for working with people struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

Mike enjoyed engaging with clients and planning weekend adventures including camping. He later decided working with those struggling with addiction and other disorders like himself was his calling and left the medical field. Mike is dedicated to continuing this path of recovery with sharing the Gift of Hope to others struggling and meeting them where they are. Mike enjoys helping provide resources to encourage others; recovery and knowing long term recovery is possible and beautiful. He encourages each client to let their voice be fully heard with support. Encouraging each client to be authentic, motivated through all the stages of recovery with long term goals of continued recovery


Jordan Boyce

Therapist and Group Facilitator

Hey! My name is Jordan Boyce. I am a Licensed Associate Counselor, facilitating groups and individual counseling at Modern Recovery. I attended Grand Canyon University obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and my Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling with an Emphasis in Trauma. I am passionate about helping others through their journey of growth and healing, understanding trauma, mental health, and behaviors. In my free time, I enjoy exploring a new city, attending concerts, weekend trips to the beach, spending time with my family, and going to church. I am looking forward to being a part of your healing at Modern Recovery!


Stephanie Narramore


Hello. My name is Stephanie Narramore Miller. I am an LCDC (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor) and obtained my degree from TSTC in 2015. I started working in addiction treatment programs through the prison system. I am passionate about meeting each client’s needs to facilitate real change and assist in your recovery. Prior to joining Modern Recovery, I have worked in Detox, Residential, PHP, IOP, OP and MAT programs. I enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, and spending the weekends at softball tournaments with my husband and daughter. I believe that everyone has meaning, value and purpose and I can’t wait to help your journey by showing you there is hope in finding a new way to live.


Dani Losee

Recovery Coach

Hello, my name is Dani Losee, and I am a recovery coach/case manager here at Modern Recovery. I was born and raised in Arizona and love it here. Growing up I lived with mental health struggles, as well as had family and friends who have and still do live with mental health struggles and addiction. After realizing that I wanted to be able to show up in a bigger way for myself and those that live with mental health struggles and addiction, I decided to attend an advanced yoga teacher and healing arts practitioner program. This is where I studied yoga, sound healing, meditation, breathwork, life coaching, and more. I love giving people a safe place to self-reflect, heal, and grow through what they are going through. A place where they feel heard and seen. Outside of engaging with clients, I enjoy hiking, exploring, exercising, reading, and doing crafts. I look forward to supporting you in your recovery journey!


Adriana Breslin

Recovery Coach and Group Facilitator

My name is Adriana Breslin and I am a Clinical Assistant at Modern Recovery. I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico but I moved to Phoenix Arizona when I decided to start my sobriety journey. I am currently a student at the University working on my bachelors in psychology. I have worked in the recovery field for two years and I truly love helping people gain and maintain their sobriety. I plan to stay in the recovery field after I graduate because I consider it a passion of mine. During my free time I enjoy trying new restaurants, going to the movies and hanging out with my teacup chihuahua named Chika.


Richard Jones

Primary Therapist

Richard Jones is a Master’s level therapist. He received his master’s degree in Human Services and Counseling from Lindsey Wilson College in Ky, where he spent most of his life.

He has experience working with homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse, court-mandated, and mental health populations. Richard enjoys facilitationg groups and classes; his passion is working with youth and young adults.

Some of his past work history included DUI assessor certification, facilitated substance abuse groups, and providing individual substance abuse counseling.

When Richard is not running groups or providing counseling he enjoys golfing and bowling. He also enjoys spending time with his wife of 20 years, their 6 kids, and 5 grandchildren here in AZ.


Denise Dodge

Group Facilitator

Denise Dodge is a group facilitator and intake specialist at Modern Recovery, where she creates a safe and welcoming space for clients to learn skills and process life events.

Denise is in long term recovery with both substance use and mental health. It is her life purpose to help others reach their recovery goals as well. When Denise isn’t leading groups or completing assessments, she can be found painting, writing, and exploring nature in Tucson, Arizona.


Abby Howard

Group Facilitator

Abby is a group facilitator and works with adults in modern’s IOP program. Abby previously worked with adolescents in the PHP program. Abby has a bachelor’s degree in communication and a master’s degree in higher education administration. Abby is currently pursuing a master’s in social work. Abby is passionate about education, the twelve steps, and animals.

Abby asperes to give clients service that makes them feel seen, heard, and respected. Abby is very excited to be part of your treatment team!


Addison Ong

Case Manager

Addison is a Case Manager at Modern Recovery Services, where he helps clients navigate their journey through early recovery. Addison has been working in the field of behavioral health for five years and has found his purpose helping those struggling with substance use and mental health issues.

Addison is in long-term recovery himself, and has been sober since 2016. This puts him in a unique position to be able to connect with clients by sharing his own experiences as well as resources in the community.

Addison has dedicated his life to helping others, but during his free-time he loves traveling with his wife and fur-babies.


Andrea March

Primary Therapist

Andrea March is a Therapist at Modern Recovery Services where Andrea facilitates the Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program. Andrea has specialized in behavoral health and substance abuse for many years. Andrea is creative and artistic, which has helped her to engage clients in unique ways.

Andrea has years of experience working at Banner Behavioral Health Hospital developing the program used on the acute adolescent unit.

Andrea is an animal lover, and a stained glass artist from Mesa, Arizona.



Dillon Near

Admissions Coordinator

Dillon is an Admissions Coordinator at Modern Recovery. As a person in long term recovery Dillon volunteers his time advocating to reduce the stigma of addiction in our communities. Dillon prides himself in his work and goes to any length to help those struggling with addiction find treatment, showing them that there is a way out of their addiction.

Dillon is from Mississippi and made Arizona his home 10 years ago. Dillon finds peace in nature and enjoys hobbies such as hiking, kayaking, camping and reading.


Josh Lemieux

Admissions Director

Josh Lemieux is Director of Admissions at Modern Recovery. Josh oversees the admissions team and makes sure the admissions process is as simple and straight forward as possible.

Josh really goes above and beyond to make sure Clients and Families understand what treatment is, what treatment options are available, and to make it reasonably affordable for all income types.

Josh is in recovery himself and is also a Modern Recovery alumnus. Josh has multiple years in recovery and continues to grow and help addicts both at work and outside of work. Josh has a real passion to help addicts who are still suffering and help them to get to a place where they become who they were meant to be.


Kristen McKenzie

Admissions Coordinator

Kristen is an Admissions Coordinator at Modern Recovery. Fundamental to her ability to build trusting relationships is a commitment to unconditional empathy, an open-minded attitude, and a sincere passion for the wellbeing of the clients. Kristen is committed to delivering a high standard of professionalism and embodies the enthusiasm to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Kristen is a lover of animals, reading, cooking, and traveling. She has a cat named Winston and they like to watch Australian reality television.


Jason Sienicki

Admissions Coordinator

Jason is an Admissions Coordinator with Modern Recovery and has been working in the substance abuse field for 4 years. Jason is in recovery himself and has a passion to give back the support that was once given to him. Jason grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Arizona to start his own recovery path. It is his goal to show those reaching out for help that they too can transform their lives. Jason spends his free time with his daughter and enjoys hobbies such as playing guitar and writing music.



Lena Moses

Director of Community Relations

Lena Moses holds a Masters degree in Adult Education and a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Lena also has extensive training and credentials in Child Development, Reiki, Birth and Postpartum Care, Peer Support and Adolescent and Adult Transport.

After working for years as an Early Childhood Administrator and College Admissions Counselor, Lena is now a Recovery Coach, Trauma-Informed Transporter and the Director of Case Management for Modern Recovery Services.

Lena strongly believes in meeting people where they are on their journey and treating each family she encounters with the same respect she would show her own.



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