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Identify and challenge harmful thought patterns

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Help for your emotionally troubled teen is just a phone call away 

Watching your teen struggle with mental health problems is heart-wrenching. Every parent wants to shield their child from pain, but because these challenges are extraordinarily complex, you know you can’t do it alone. 

At Modern Recovery Services, we understand how difficult it is to find compassionate and effective mental health support. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of expert teen counselors who can guide your teen out of psychological suffering and into a bright future. Combining their thorough understanding of the challenges faced by today’s youth with therapy tailored to your child’s specific needs, our teen therapists facilitate successful recovery. 

But they won’t just free your child from the unbearable pain of mental distress—they’ll help them rediscover their spark, take joy in simple pleasures, and rebuild the ability to bounce back from challenges. Help your child take the first step toward reclaiming the vibrant individual they once were. Contact us today. 

Boosting therapy for teens with broad support

Many teen counseling programs offer only 30-minute therapy sessions once or twice a week. For adolescents in the depths of acute psychological suffering, that really doesn’t cut it. Lacking support between appointments, they’re left to fend for themselves during their most challenging times. Recovery, however, is a journey that requires a continuous stream of support. 

What sets Modern Recovery Services apart is that our assistance doesn’t stop when a session ends. We’re in it for the long haul, providing broad and robust support that helps teens build on the progress they’ve made in therapy. 

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Shawna Chandler

Chief Clinical Officer

Teens find strength in shared experiences 

Teens suffering from profound mental distress can feel adrift on a lonely sea—as if cut off from the rest of humanity. This isolation not only magnifies their suffering but can become a significant barrier to healing and growth. 

Because we recognize the value of camaraderie when working to overcome mental health challenges, we’ve carefully crafted a vibrant, supportive online community. It’s a safe and welcoming space where teens can connect with others who understand what they’re going through and find hope through sharing stories, experiences, and triumphs. Here are some key aspects of our support network: 

Recovery Coaches

  • As teens struggle with mental health challenges, connecting with someone who’s been in their shoes can spark inspiration and hope. We match each young person in our care with a recovery coach who is always there to listen, share insights from their own journey, and remind them that no matter how difficult the path gets, they’re not walking it alone.

Family Involvement

  • Mental health struggles can be emotionally exhausting, causing everyday tasks to feel like insurmountable obstacles. During such times, family support provides a sense of belonging and safety. To strengthen family bonds, we provide families practical strategies for becoming active and effective partners in their teen’s journey back to mental wellness.

Peer Groups

  • Our online peer groups allow teens to forge connections with others who know their challenges firsthand. It’s a place where they can openly discuss their recovery journey, from the hurdles they’ve overcome to the battles they’re still fighting. This mutual sharing of experiences, insights, and triumphs fosters a powerful sense of belonging.

Talk Therapy

  • During teen therapy sessions, a clinician will help your child identify and confront the harmful thought patterns fueling their psychological pain. Through introspection and blossoming self-understanding, they’ll learn how pervasive cognitive distortions affect their feelings and behaviors. They’ll then be ready to learn and practice methods for shifting their thinking.

Online teenager therapy for San Jose youth: Conditions we treat 

In our online counseling program for teens, our child therapists are proficient at treating a range of adolescent mental health problems. If your teenager is struggling with any of the following issues, we can help:

  • Bullying and peer pressure
  • Gender identity and sexuality
  • Addictions and substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Relationship problems
  • Depression and low mood
  • ADHD and other attentional problems
  • Anxiety and panic disorders
  • Psychiatric disorders
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How online counseling for teens can benefit your San Jose adolescent

Studies suggest that online adolescent therapy is as effective as traditional in-person counseling. Here are some reasons why treatment delivered remotely via the internet makes sense for today’s teens: 

  • No logistical hassles: Online therapy means no more getting stuck in traffic, struggling to find parking, or spending hours in overcrowded waiting rooms. Your child can focus on what matters most—getting emotionally healthy—without the stress of traveling to appointments.
  • Helps keep parents involved: Online therapy allows busy parents to readily participate in sessions as appropriate or connect privately with their child’s teen counselor. This fosters a supportive, team-based approach to recovery.
  • Ideal for tech-savvy teens: Most teens these days are digital natives; the internet is their second home. For them, an online platform is not only convenient but also a place where they feel comfortable exploring deep issues and sharing experiences. 
  • A private and confidential space: A common concern among teens when seeking therapy is running into someone they know. Online counseling offers a private and confidential space, allowing youth to get the therapeutic support they need without worrying about who might see them.
  • Consistent support: With online therapy, life’s unpredictable events—illness, a sudden snowstorm, a flat tire—won’t disrupt your teen’s progress. Because they’re unaffected by such hiccups, online sessions ensure consistent support no matter what.
  • Removes geographical barriers: Your teen’s access to top-notch mental health care shouldn’t be location-dependent. Online therapy overcomes this limitation, delivering expert support straight to your San Jose doorstep. 
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Note: Participants should expect to dedicate at least 3 hours a day, 3 days a week to online sessions.

Services offered in our evidence-based treatment for San Jose teens 

At Modern Recovery Services, we know how woefully inadequate one-size-fits-all approaches are. Our therapists for teens tailor treatment to meet the unique needs of every child in our care. To accomplish this, we offer a diverse array of therapeutic modalities, such as 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Teen group therapy sessions
  • Personalized recovery coaching
  • Short- and long-term goal management
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Case management
  • Academic support
  • Individual sessions with a teen therapist
  • Family sessions

For more information about our online counseling services for San Jose teens, call us today.

Customer Reviews

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A few of our glowing reviews


Before starting online sessions, Julie was constantly overwhelmed with school and her emotions. Now, she has tools to cope and seems genuinely happier. The group sessions have been a blessing. She no longer feels alone in her struggles.



My son had been withdrawing from us for a while, and we honestly didn’t know what to do. We’re so thankful that we found the program. He’s opened up and shares more. I’m grateful for the caring therapists who taught him how to voice his feelings. It’s brought so much peace to our home.

Brian H.


My daughter was always stressed, especially with peer pressure. The Modern Recovery program taught her how to navigate those feelings and pressures. Now she’s more self-assured and proactive in handling her emotions. Couldn’t be more proud!

Raj K.

Wondering how you’ll pay for your teen’s counseling?

At Modern Recovery Services, we partner with most major insurance companies to minimize out-of-pocket expenses. To see if your provider covers costs, click the button to the right. 

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Help your child rediscover hope with compassionate online therapy 

Trying to find the best therapist for your emotionally troubled adolescent is difficult. You need someone both skilled and empathetic enough to lead your child out of psychological suffering.

At Modern Recovery Services, our therapists not only are experts in adolescent mental health who understand the unique pressures and challenges faced by today’s teens but also possess extraordinary emotional intelligence, responding to youth with compassion and warmth. Contact us today to learn how we can help your child move past pain and toward a more hopeful future. 

Jordan Boyce (LAC)

Teen Therapist and Group Facilitator

Getting started with online therapy

Enrolling your child in our online counseling is a simple, three-step process

1- Initial consultation

We want to know all about your teen—their unique needs, strengths, and goals. We’ll also answer questions and address any concerns you have. 

2- Detailed preparation

We’ll go over available treatment modalities, check your insurance coverage, and detail what will happen next.

3- Therapy initiation

Your teen can start their therapeutic journey with just a computer or smartphone, joining sessions from anywhere with internet access. 

1- Initial consultation

We want to know all about your teen—their unique needs, strengths, and goals. We’ll also answer questions and address any concerns you have. 

2- Detailed preparation

We’ll go over available treatment modalities, check your insurance coverage, and detail what will happen next.

3- Therapy initiation

Your teen can start their therapeutic journey with just a computer or smartphone, joining sessions from anywhere with internet access.